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Our World, My Vision

I feel most at peace when I'm engaged in landscape photography.  Pre-visualization coupled with anticipation is key for capturing the world around me.  I earned my Associate Degree in Applied Sciences in Photography at Milwaukee Area Technical College, during which I learned about the great many visual artists that helped this medium become what it is today.  Standing at the top of the list is my inspirational mentor, Ansel Adams.  His use of the Zone System helped to create stunning photographic prints, using analog methods, that contained dramatic detail from the lightest to darkest areas of a scene.  I aspire to "mimic" this in a sense, using digital technology to create imagery with a full and deep tonal range.  My goal is to capture landscapes that illustrate the essence of light and mystery.  I feel it is necessary to find magical scenes of beauty and share them to help counter the darkness and decay of our oftentimes cruel world. Photography gives me chances to breathe; time to reflect on peace and harmony that nature provides. All that is required is to open my eyes a little wider, relax my mind from daily stressors, and let the scene in front of me permeate peace and tranquility.  These are my visions of our world, and I invite you to enjoy them and share in my interpretations.